Spa @ Buckingham Place

Welcoming resident and non-resident clients by appointment 9.30am – 7pm daily.

  • When staying at the hotel please just ask any of us to make an appointment for you.
  • If staying elsewhere, please call 0763 094555 or email with your requirements then await confirmation.

Thank you.

Aloe Vera Sun Wrap… Natural properties of Aloe Vera work as a healing treatment against sun damage; replenishing, hydrating and cooling the skin. 60 minutes Rs.8,750
Sandalwood & Papaya… Sandalwood and fresh Papaya play an important role in natural beauty treatments. A wrap to enhance skin tone and cleanse deeply. 60 minutes Rs.8,750
Coconut & Lime…  Soften and smooth your skin with a gentle exfoliate made from natural ingredients including sea sand, lime and coconut. Removes dead skin cells, tones and refreshes, leaving your skin soft to the touch. 60 minutes Rs.8,750
Sandalwood & Kokum… A herbal body scrub to help exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling silky soft. 60 minutes Rs.8,750
All manicures and pedicures include a sea sand scrub and massage in addition to complete skin and nail care. Your hands and feet will feel soft and beautiful after this ultimate treatment.
Manicure 45 minutes Rs.5,000
Pedicure 60 minutes Rs.6,000
Mani & Pedi combo 105 minutes Rs.9,500
Signature Facial… A delicate deep cleansing and light exfoliation of face and neck with a shoulder massage too. Tailored to suit your skin type and followed by a replenishing mask to leave your skin renewed. 60 minutes Rs.9,750
Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage… Releasing your pain and tension. 30 minutes Rs.4,000
Foot Massage… A divine foot and leg massage includes a soothing coconut milk soak to ease tired aching soles. 30 minutes Rs.4,500
Mini Facial… After a day in the sun, replenish and soothe your skin with a relaxing aromatherapy face massage. 30 minutes Rs.4,500
Mini-manicure 45 minutes Rs.3,500
Mini-Pedicure 60 minutes Rs.3,500
Emotional…  Coconut body scrub & Full body relaxing massage. 120 minutes Rs.14,000
Energy…  Deep tissue back massage & Foot reflexology. 105 minutes Rs.14,500
Calmness…  Ayurveda style full body massage & Foot reflexology. 150 minutes Rs.16,500
My Skin…  Body scrub + Aromatherapy + Facial. 180 minutes Rs.23,000
Full Body Relaxation… This oil based full body treatment works effectively to tone muscles and skin whilst reducing tension and fatigue; excellent for all-round relaxation. 60 minutes Rs.8,750 90 minutes Rs.12,000
Aromatherapy Massage… This gentle, relaxing massage uses aromatic oils and a combination of soothing strokes and acupressure techniques – demonstrating the healing properties of natural oils which, penetrate the skin and take you to the depths of relaxation. 90 minutes Rs.12,000
Ayurveda Style Massage… Using Ancient techniques, this relaxing body massage combined with warm Ayurveda herbal oil cleanses and balances the internal systems to leave you with a renewed sense of wellbeing. 90 minutes Rs.12,000
Deep Tissue Back Massage… A fusion of deep massage techniques to address tension and tightness across the back, neck and shoulders. The movements are especially designed to ease muscle tension and release stress. 45 minutes Rs.8,750
Foot Reflexology… By stimulating pressure points that mirror the body’s structure and system, this foot and leg massage promotes the body to heal itself. 60 minutes Rs.8,750