Sri Lanka remains one of the safest and easiest travel destinations in Asia, but faces political and socio-economic woes as does your country and globally. Personally, I feel considerably safer and happier traveling around the island than I do in the UK, Europe or USA, aside from an archaic public transport system one associates with developing countries. To mitigate sporadic supply chain issues the entire world faces, we are resourceful and plan well ahead.

Despite exaggerated, now outdated media stories of food and fuel shortages, and power outages, not a single guest has gone without or been inconvenienced. The longest power failure experienced at Buckingham Place (since 2010) is less than 20 minutes - someone forgot to switch the generator to auto-start. It is fair to say we are not super-human though, the potential does exist for fewer foreign bar options and last minute menu changes, but we are completely unaffected front of house.


The warmest of welcomes awaits you from 2.30pm onwards, with check-out set at 10.30am unless alternative arrangements are agreed pre-arrival. With early arrival and late departure we try to be flexible and charge no extra in either case, depending on the occupancy situation at the time. If after arriving you decide you’d like to depart later than 10.30 or, add extra days to your stay, please do ask, it might still be possible.


So travelers can easily compare and budget, our website pricing and overnight rates are shown in US$. At the hotel, restaurant menus, along with bar and Spa tariffs, are shown in local currency (Sri Lankan Rupees). Bills are totaled on the day of transaction and payment can be made in Sri Lankan rupees or US$ /UK£ / Euro€ at Sri Lanka’s Central Bank buying rate on the day.

MasterCard and Visa credit cards (only) are the most favoured method of payment but cash too is welcome. Please remember to inform your credit card issuer of your holiday destination before traveling, and carry alternative means of payment should your credit card be unusable for some reason.

Local currency can be obtained in the airport Arrivals Hall and throughout Sri Lanka (including Tangalle) from ATM’s and banks.

Overnight rates automatically include a-la-carte Breakfast, local levies and service.


Should our teamwork inspire gratitude beyond your good custom, please feel free to tip, it will be much appreciated. If you do wish to, we politely suggest contributing to the Team Fund on departure – please use and seal the envelope provided. Everybody benefits equally, regardless of status. The Team is aware your tip is for service beyond expectations, NOBODY takes your generosity for granted.


We advise all visitors (even to our website) not to bathe within the immediate vicinity of the hotel, due to unpredictable sea. A nearby rock-pool and safer beaches are easily accessed on foot or by tuk-tuk, seasonality permitting. Guests frequently say our beach is the most spectacular they’ve ever seen. They happily walk to a safer spot for a dip in the ocean.


Our plunge pool in the front nature garden measures 12m x 4m and is 1.2m deep. The 33m infinity pool is 80cm deep at its bar end, before sloping from 1.2m to 2m at the other end.

Please note, there are no designated lifeguards at the hotel or on the beach.


Sri Lanka is equatorial so the sun can burn, dehydrate, and make us sick very quickly (sunstroke) - we’ve seen it all before! Even on overcast days use a high factor sun cream, drink lots of water (my doctor says 3-4L daily), don’t over exert, wear a nice big hat and cover up fair skin - especially if young and fair like mine. We all know the dangers of over exposure, so avoid a spoilt holiday and short life by taking special care. Typical warning signs; headaches, nausea/vomiting, weakness/tiredness/boiled lobster appearance.


On Christmas Day and New Years’ Eve a per-person supplement is charged irrespective of whether guests remain in the hotel on these days. The supplement includes all meals and snacks served throughout the days excluding alcoholic beverages. The supplement is non-refundable but ensures you will not go hungry or miss out on our generosity and enjoyable festivities.


All laundry is outsourced and takes approximately 2/3 days. The hotel does not make charge for getting it to/from the laundry nor accept liability. Our advice is to wait until you return home if possible, and definitely not send expensive and cherished items to a Sri Lankan laundry – facilities and methods tend not to be sophisticated.


During breakfast, or as soon after as is practicable, we access your accommodation with your permission and door key after asking for both. We view your room as your sanctuary throughout your stay, something we avoid disrupting for night turndown services and suchlike (we don’t do them unless asked). If you go out before we service your accommodation, please leave your key with a manager.


Everyday items should work here. We have three-phase electricity with sophisticated switchgear for our generators. Power outages are a frequent local phenomenon but rarely will your supply fall over for longer than 5 minutes - if it does please tell us.

5G WI-FI |

We are upgrading wifi throughout the hotel. 5G now covers our restaurant, bar and pool areas. Bedrooms and suites still awaiting an upgrade, will switch to 5G by November.


For your convenience we provide a free local call handset for use at or when away from the hotel. Feel free to call us or anyone in Sri Lanka and, your Guest Manager and office numbers are pre-programmed.


To protect guest privacy and the peaceful ambience of the hotel, please do NOT fly a drone over any part of the property and do tell us if someone does - thank you!


We are NOT anti-smoker but please, don’t smoke at the restaurant or inside your bedroom or suite. Balconies, verandas and gardens are your best options, and we will happily provide ashtrays on request. As you would anywhere, be mindful of non-smokers especially children and ex-smokers! We are not against non-smokers either, on anybody come to that! We simply believe we ought to try respecting and tolerating one another’s life choices and personal space.


Cement floors are cool to look at and walk on, but please exercise EXTREME CAUTION when doing so. This typically tropical surface is slippery when wet or if ones feet are wet. TAKE EXTRA CARE in bedrooms, some bathrooms, at our restaurant, spa and the games room. We supply rubber flip-flops (slippers) free upon request, you may find a fresh pair in your wardrobe. When you’ve used them please steal them.


Government supplied water is considered safe enough to clean ones teeth with and drink, but it tastes vile we warn you. We supply unlimited free drinking water to your fridge each day and at our restaurant. For more frequent replenishment please ask. Pipe-borne water is frequently interrupted so we store several days-worth. Solar panels heat bathroom water but the temperature fluctuates. Water takes a few moments to run hot, and early mornings and on overcast days it will run tepid. If this persists please say, we will switch on your back-up water heater.