Reasonably, one concludes there are no road rules whatsoever and drivers are completely nuts! Fortunately, Sri Lankan’s driving ‘style’ works, mostly. Observers suggest that because everybody commits identical misdemeanors, few are surprised or upset by the antics of another. Self-drive vehicles can be hired in Colombo, subject to possession of a valid national driving licence and a Sri Lankan Drivers Permit, available from the Automobile Association (AA). It is generally less stressful to hire an experienced driver then speak up when they unnerve you, than to drive yourself however. If you wish, we can facilitate your airport transfers and all other transport needs competitively, with fixed prices, estimated journey times and certain assurances. Typically, drivers we recommend use good quality mid-size air-conditioned Toyota passenger cars or multi-seat vans. More luxurious vehicles can be booked on your behalf, subject to availability, and much higher charges. We brief drivers to go steadily, even if your journey takes longer. Should they fail to oblige please remind them, they know us foreigners frighten easily. Whether under your own steam or that of another, fasten your seatbelt, hang on tight and expect the unexpected!


Train journeys prove a smashing holiday highlight for so many (please ask), but buses are for the suicidal. Regrettably, our advice is unambiguous, AVOID BUSES.


No holiday is complete without a nail-biting hop in a three wheeler taxi (aka tuk-tuk/trishaw). A return trip to town costs just US$7 with waiting time set at US$1 per hour. Before boarding, it is customary (not rude or mean-spirited) to negotiate the fare, route, and your final destination.

Commonly, taxi drivers steer tourists to ‘the best’ gift shops, gem dealers, eateries and the like, with little or no appreciation of your preferences, tastes or wellbeing. We can only remind you; spend your money where YOU want to and, a hidden commission culture prevails. UBER operate in Sri Lanka, but, at time of writing, feedback is not particularly great. We don’t use UBER at the hotel. Time will tell whether the public will embrace this new-fangled idea or drivers accept unfair competition from part time/casual drivers.


While obviously not an economical transport mode there’s nothing quite like it. Spectacular internal flights and sightseeing can be booked directly (please ask) and passenger embarkation is just 40 mins away at Mahwella Lagoon. The scenic flight to Colombo takes 50 minutes, and the current operator is Cinnamon Air.


The hotel is about 2.5hrs from Bandaranaike International (Colombo) and 45 mins from Mattala’s Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport (Hambantota). Please book your road transfer one day prior to departure.


Airport transfers/transport is excluded from overnight rates and arranged with approved sub-contractors at competitive prices. The transfer from Bandaranaike Airport (Colombo) to the hotel costs US$95 for 2 passengers/luggage, 3/5 sharing a passenger van is US$110.


Driver accommodation is limited so must be pre-arranged please. It is provided off-site at a nearby village house and their first night, evening meal and breakfast next morning is complimentary. All subsequent nights are charged to your final bill at US$15 per night.