Take off your wristwatch. Kick off your shoes.WELCOME TO THE PACE OF PARADISE

Somewhere on the fringes of Tangalle (Sri Lanka) and hidden in the heart of a nature sanctuary, discover Buckingham Place. This unique, intimate beachside property is more than just a boutique hotel in Sri Lanka. Buckingham Place is Boutique Sanctuary that re-imagines the idea of tropical paradise.

Built on a foundation of good old fashioned hospitality, Buckingham Place comes complete with iconic architecture, stylishly comfortable interiors and spectacular views as far as the eye can see.

Sixteen spacious suites are scattered across our lush grounds, where nature meets structure in perfect harmony. An oceanfront restaurant and mezzanine lounges are complimented with two swimming pools and many other extras designed to spoil you from the inside out.

If we haven’t said it already, welcome to Paradise!


Nick Buckingham’s relationship with the island is a love at first sight kind of thing. He first set foot in Sri Lanka back in 1998 and knew he had stumbled upon something truly special. A paradise island with old fashioned ways and new ideas waiting to happen.

Nick’s enchantment with paradise strengthened and his connection to the island grew deeper with each passing day. Settling here in 2002, he discovered a hidden gem of a property on the edge of Tangalle and went on to build the property of his dreams, infusing the island’s south coast charm with his unique personality. The result? Buckingham Place, a boutique hotel in Tangalle that’s bound to take your breath away.

Today, Nick calls Sri Lanka home. His continued enchantment with hidden corners of this island and the good-heartedness of its people have helped shape Buckingham Place and the soul with which it operates. Nick is living his dream in paradise and offering others a chance to experience it with him.

For a small hotel, we’re big on the extras.Beach, Recreation & Lounging

Collecting TripAdvisor Awards since 2013Sri Lanka’s Top Ranking Hotel for more than 7 Years!