Buckingham Place sits slightly elevated on 5 acres south of Tangalle town, between Rekawa’s spectacular wilderness beach and scenic lagoon, overlooking both. Amidst natures’ tranquil sanctuary, this hideaway hotel is set well away from busy towns, noisy roads and tourist traps. Guests should expect something quite different - bold and timeless, stylish, although not slave to the word, but moreover it is warm and friendly like the home of an old friend. Think half hotel half homestay - you’ll be about right.

Buckingham Place goes the distance to put you at ease from the off and make you feel at home by being thoughtful, informal and as helpful as can be.

If there's something you need just say the word! Smart ideas for days out? We’ve got them!

Your birthday by the pool; an ironing-board or guitar for your room, a forgotten anniversary card, electrical adapter or taxi to the airport? Mosquito plug-ins, flight check-ins, night-turndowns, gecko relocations; extra towels at odd times, special diets at odd mealtimes, a doctor in the night or early morning bed-tea, your shopping done, a picnic box for the beach or fisherman’s cigar at 2am?

Whether it’s an extra-hot curry for breakfast by the pool or your lion tamed, our resourcefulness is (almost) limitless!!



There’s a good reason people return to Buckingham Place – its people. About 50 local men and women aged 18-60 work hard here, most having acquired new knowledge and skills since joining the hotel.

Some joined the building site 19 years ago, seizing the moment to build a career, while several speak English now to varying degrees and will introduce themselves.

Don’t worry if you don’t recall a name by the way, none of us get offended or hurt, we promise. We don’t want to wear name badges as some have suggested but won’t ask you to either!

Everyone here is key to the smooth and happy functioning of the place, but also have managers like other hotels.

General Manager - Kalpa
Guest Facilities Manager - Chamindu
Guest Manager - Umesh
Chef - Suranga
Restaurant Captain - Deepal aka The Commander


So-called, was born out of a workshop in 2006, long before any of us had worked in hospitality or Buckingham Place was built. Core values, aims and our motto Believe in Sri Lanka have continued to evolve, although few of us could recite them!

Back then we agreed that a holiday should be fun - for you and us. So, we will try to make your stay joyful if we can, while caring for your need professionally and honestly. Through teamwork we’ll deliver quality like a well-oiled machine, from the food on your table to the comfort of your room. 

Much of what we do will include a certain amount of style but, without us being slave to the word – your wellbeing comes first.

Rekawa East and West are farming and fishing communities, and where most of the team live. English is not widely spoken except in pidgin form but why should it be? How widely is our hosts’ language spoken in our villages and hotels? Everyone at Buckingham Place will try their best to communicate, but please be patient and tell up if at times we fail. Thank you.

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