Buckingham Place welcomes children 5 years old and above. To reflect this, parents travelling with 5 – 12 year-olds (maximum two per bedroom) are not charged for children sharing their accommodation. An extra bed per child is provided and their breakfast is FREE also! By prior arrangement, two extra-large ground floor suites can accommodate 1 single bed or 1 bunk bed (sleeps 2 kids) in a small, windowless air-conditioned annex/box room. Again by prior arrangement, four extra-large bedrooms can also accommodate 1 or 2 extra single beds. Our single beds are suitable for children and adults.

Please note; all bedrooms and suites including those mentioned, feature a fixed position double bed. Each extra guest aged 13 or above is charged US$50 per night for bed and breakfast and is accommodated in an extra-large bedroom with an extra single bed.

Sorry… We regret we are unable to host even the cutest babies, infants or toddlers at any time, and as child suitable accommodation and extra beds are limited and therefore MUST BE REQUESTED PRIOR TO RESERVATION PLEASE!



Young children might prefer running around a restaurant to sitting still with the grown-ups. In such cases early evening meals or room dining is suggested or occasionally requested of parents. We do our best to keep kids safe, happy and considerate of others, and we do love them. Respectfully we ask parents to follow our lead.

Interesting wildlife, dogs, plants, trees and certain areas of the hotel, can spell danger for unsupervised kids. Soft bare feet are vulnerable to bites, stings and cuts, staircases are not gated, swimming pools and ponds have no guard rails, and balcony railings look like colourful climbing frames to little folk. We are sorry and regret our mistake, but back in the day, Buckingham Place was located, designed and built by a bunch of thoughtless, childless men! We now go out of our way to make kids happy and enjoy having them around, providing they’re not so small as to be in harms’ way.