This page can only answer typical guest questions. If your questions remain unanswered on this page or elsewhere on the website, please don’t hesitate to email us.



For your peace of mind please note: The team is vaccinated against Covid-19. Miraculously, we’ve had just one (mild) case amongst us since the very beginning of the pandemic. There have been no known serious cases or outbreaks in the vicinity of the hotel and luckily, perhaps due to our location and precautionary measures, we were able to move on soon after the hotel reopened early November ‘21. Optimistic the worst is behind us and thankful to have survived, we remain vigilante too, whether by testing ourselves if we so much as sneeze, or by lining up for a booster jab.

Q & A

1Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka?
I reside in Sri Lanka much of the year and at this present time, and continue to move about unhindered, notwithstanding intermittent fuel shortages! I avoid crowds, especially protests, and advise travelers to adequately plan if they intend to roam the island independently, due to fuel and other shortages, public transport delays and a strained healthcare service. One could waste time gawping at fuel queues or join an anti-government demo, but we suggest you relax and enjoy your holiday instead, in the knowledge you support Sri Lanka simply by being here and are as welcome as you’ll ever be. More in-depth advice can be found on the Believing page of this website (Nick Buckingham).
2Is there anything else I should consider?
Do try to be sensitive. For example, don’t haggle for goods and services unduly, anyone reliant on hospitality for their sole income is trying to survive, or perhaps support and feed a team on exceptionally low business levels. Before booking accommodation, email or better, call the hotel to check how it is functioning, that it has generators, fuel and access to supplies. Bring regular medicines with you if applicable but above all, enjoy Sri Lanka, the island is quieter than usual and everyone is happy to see you! As is the case globally, economic woes and supply chain issues are the bane of daily life for most. Nevertheless, these issues should not affect you unduly, if at all. Since November until now (21/06/22), not a single guest has been inconvenienced nor gone without a thing. Possibilities do exist for reduced bar and menu options; transport arrangements must be made well in advance, and we may decide to idle generators during some off-peak power outages to conserve fuel for evenings.
3Can the hotel arrange transfers to and from the airport and other hotels?
Yes, but please book transport when you book your stay. Even at a days’ notice, we can usually find a driver with a full tank, but don’t rely on it!
4Must we pay in advance?
No. Simply email reservations@buckinghamplace.lk with your preferred stay dates, this will do just fine.
5How do you price accommodation?
Our overnight rate is for two occupants sharing a King-Size double bed and includes a la carte breakfasts, local levies/taxes and service. Some accommodation can accommodate 1 / 2 (extra) single beds by arrangement at extra charge (US$30 per-person per-night, kids 5 / 12yrs stay free). Whether solo or double occupancy our overnight rate remains the same.
6Do you include meals in your accommodation rates?
Yes, breakfast. Other meals are charged separately.
7Do you offer half / full board options?
Yes. Per-person per-day full / half board options are US$50 / US$35 respectively. Guests can choose an option after sampling our cuisine, but for guidance, most prefer to pay as they go as our kitchen crew tend to be generous!
8How do we pay our restaurant and bar bills?
At the hotel as you go or at agreed intervals by Visa/MasterCard or cash (Sri Lankan Rupees).
9Can we cancel our reservation in the event of unforeseen events?
Yes. If you must cancel we ask that you please notify us as early as possible, preferably more than 72 hours before you are due to arrive. Subject to government exchange control rules, if you have paid an advance we need only deduct bank charges.
10How do we get to the hotel from the airport?
Easily. If you are travelling independently we can arrange this on your behalf. Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo) to hotel (c2.5hrs) costs US$80 for up to 5 passengers. Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport (Mattala, Hambantota) to hotel (45 mins) US$40 for up to 5 passengers.
11Do we need to book excursions before arriving at the hotel?
No, these are easily arranged after arrival. You do need to book your transfer from the airport to the hotel before you arrive however, if you are travelling independently.