On Christmas Day (25th Dec) and New Years’ Eve (31st Dec) our little corner of paradise is typically more sociable, eclectic and joyful than ever.

Celebrating in a light hearted way with other guests, minus the stress and obligatory hotel disco, is what Christmas at Buckingham Place is all about. Christmas Day here, is as happy if not happier than a family get-together. Be ready for a lazy, shameless blow-out day. Christmas in the tropics is quite ridiculous we know, but why not celebrate the season of peace and goodwill with others?

Hints of Christmas past begin with breakfast on your verandah then, the day is yours to spend as you wish. Join us for mince pies and sherry at the pool however, before taking yourselves off to the beach; until we call you to the table at three o’clock sharp the day is all yours!

Regular menus are set aside for an extra-scrummy feast, one of a kind - we promise.

US$95 per-person Christmas/peak-season supplement (kids 5-12 @ 50%) includes everything we serve through the day - breakfast, welcome drinks, canapés and snacks and your share of the Christmas feast of course. Additional beverages (and corkage) are charged at normal tariffs.


As you would expect you’ll want for nothing. We’ll keep you well-fed from our grills, and entertained by traditional musicians and dancers ‘til midnight. Then it’s up to you, we’ll stay up late if you want us to?

US$95 per-person New Year’s Eve/peak season supplement (kids 5-12 @ 50%) includes everything we serve from 8pm onwards, including welcome cocktails and canapés. Additional alcohol beverages (and corkage) are charged at normal tariffs.

Please note: Christmas Day (25th Dec) / New Years’ Eve (31st Dec) per-person supplements are charged irrespective of your participation or level of consumption, and are charged to your bill automatically. Specific orders of Champagne, wine, beer or spirits are charged at year-round tariffs.

Sorry, no arrivals | departures

on 25th & 31st December. 

Thank you.


Menus have evolved over many years, thanks in large part to guest feedback, but if nothing inspires you let us know, so we can offer you alternatives that will. Please don’t go hungry but allow time for freshly prepared meals. Also, please tell us about your preferences, allergies, religious and dietary requirements. Sri Lankan cuisine is available EVERY day, and served at the same level of spiciness Sri Lankans prefer. If you don’t like something we serve you we’ll replace it without challenge or charge – could we be more committed? Bon appetite!


Breakfast is a long lazy affair for most. There is no particular time by which it must be enjoyed and no limit to what can be ordered – within reason! Even if you arrive for your breakfast early afternoon don’t worry, we’ll still serve you with a smile! Breakfast with unlimited tea/coffee is included for all guests, whether residing on a B&B basis or a full/half board option.


‘Afternoon’ menus offers small snacks to full size meals. From late afternoon the evenings’ menu can be viewed and ordered from.


Short a la carte evening menus interchange with saily specials and bespoke cooking, enabling us to buy fresh and cook fresh, avoid waste and offer an eclectic mix of local cuisine, innovative fusion and a few old fashioned favorites.


Fixed price boarding options are available on request: full board US$55 | half-board US$39. Resident guests 5-12 year olds dine free. Both options can be opted for at any time during your stay on a ‘henceforth’ basis. All options include breakfast but exclude alcoholic beverages. After you’ve chosen your option it is set for the remainder of your stay. Identical menus are offered to all diners.


Pre-arranged candlelit suppers on your balcony or veranda are served at no extra charge, as are breakfasts, snacks, tea and coffee (free before/during breakfast) – no tray charges here! Most menu items can be served to your accommodation, poolside or in the garden subject to weather.


Chefs buy what they can daily, don’t zap vacuum packed ready-meals in machines or ‘baths’ nor do they keep food hanging around partly prepared. We politely suggest ordering before you get ravenous, as your order might take a longer to arrive than at restaurant back home.


Sorry if you find this a little strange or inconvenient, but we avoid providing in-room brew facilities. Instead, we happily deliver fresh pots of tea and coffee, thus limiting opportunities for ants and wildlife to share your accommodation. Please call us 07:00 - 21:30 to receive your pot of choice within 15 minutes or so. If you’re an early riser no problem, one of us will rise early to serve you, simply request this the previous evening if you can please. Unlimited tea and coffee is served from 07:00 and throughout breakfast, please consume as you wish!


We are unable to serve every wine by the glass due to the hotels size/lack of demand. Please ask which wines are being served by the glass today, or feel free keep a partly consumed bottle in your refrigerator (or ask us to refrigerate it for you?)


On Full-Moon (Poya) days, during religious festivals and on notable national days, only unopened alcohol can be served and only then to your accommodation. On such occasions we are very sorry, alcohol MUST NOT be consumed at the restaurant, in the bar or swimming pools, or throughout the gardens. Please also see notes below.


US$5 ‘corkage’ per bottle is automatically levied in the event of guests bringing their own alcohol to the restaurant and/or for delivery of glasses to accommodation for own alcohol consumption.

BAR SERVICE 10:30 – 24:00

In observance of local culture and licensing laws: on (poya) full moon days and during religious festivals, and on notable public/national days (occasionally at short notice), only unopened alcohol may be served, and only then to accommodation. On such occasions, alcohol may not be consumed at the restaurant or in the garden.