FAQ’s | Covid-19


Everybody has a different story and point of view. Some of us are still cautious while others throw caution to the wind. Please imagine, we’re trying to make everybody happy while keeping them safe and reassured.

The team and I are bringing ‘old normal’ back where we can, all we ask is a little understanding and for guests to respect one another’s space and point of view. Truthfully? We’re as fed up with this wretched pandemic as you, but let’s all keep calm, love and respect one another - and try to carry on like it never happened!


We have all been vaccinated and so has every guest, but because we spend all day interacting with people in and outside our bubble we’ll try keeping our distance from you and wear our face masks with pride – even though we hate them! We are allowed to welcome fully vaccinated international and local guests directly from the airport or anywhere on the island. Sri Lanka Tourism / Ministry of Health guidelines have been adapted to suit operations at this hotel and are about keeping everybody as safe as possible with minimal intrusion or inconvenience.

Fortuitously, the hotel is very well suited to our times; with well-spaced spacious accommodation and separate air conditioners. We have a huge, 25ft high-ceilinged, open-air restaurant in which it is almost impossible to share the same air! We restrict hotel occupancy all the same, and space restaurant tables about 3m apart.

We also encourage longer stays with a discount structure.

Please note, this is a hotel not a quarantine centre!

Q & A

1Is Buckingham Place a Safe & Secure certified hotel?
Yes, but it is NOT a quarantine hotel and has voluntarily delisted from Level 1 status to function more normally and safely.
2Can you accept non vaccinated or part vaccinated guests?
Sorry no, but if you are fully vaccinated and travelling with unvaccinated / not-fully vaccinated children 12-18 years old, they a PCR test on arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport or, at the hotel itself (cost USD40) will suffice. Tests are conducted by the Ministry of Health approved lab and other MOH approved labs on the island, the results are emailed. Please inform us pre-flight should you wish your child to undergo a PCR test at the hotel rather than the airport, so we can facilitate this on your behalf.
3Must we pay in advance?
No. Simply email reservations@buckinghamplace.lk with your preferred stay dates, this will do just fine.
4How many PCR tests will I need in Sri Lanka?
None. As you are fully vaccinated you won’t need any, not unless your airline and home destination require it. If they do we can arrange one at the hotel for USD40, please just let us know this on arrival/in good time.
5How do you price accommodation?
Our overnight rate is for two occupants sharing a King-Size double bed and includes a la carte breakfasts, local levies/taxes and service. Some accommodation can accommodate 1 / 2 (extra) single beds by arrangement at extra charge (US$30 per-person per-night, kids 5 / 12yrs stay free). Whether solo or double occupancy our overnight rate remains the same.
6Do you include meals in your accommodation rates?
Yes, breakfast. Other meals are charged separately.
7Do you offer half / full board options?
Yes. Per-person per-day full / half board options are US$50 / US$35 (kids 5-12yrs US$16 /US$8) respectively. Guests can choose an option after sampling our cuisine, but for guidance, most prefer to pay as they go as our kitchen crew tend to be generous!
8How do we pay our restaurant and bar bills?
At the hotel as you go or at agreed intervals by Visa/MasterCard or cash (Sri Lankan Rupees).
9Can our relatives / friends visit us?
Yes, providing they can show proof of being fully vaccinated – sorry this is a strict government requirement.
10Can we cancel our reservation in the event of unforeseen events?
Yes. If you must cancel we ask that you please notify us as early as possible, preferably more than 72 hours before you are due to arrive. Subject to government exchange control rules, if you have paid an advance we need only deduct bank charges.
11How do we get to the hotel from the airport?
Easily. If you are travelling independently we can arrange this on your behalf. Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo) to hotel (c2.5hrs) costs US$80 for up to 5 passengers. Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport (Mattala, Hambantota) to hotel (45 mins) US$40 for up to 5 passengers.
12Do we need to book excursions before arriving at the hotel?
No, these are easily arranged after arrival. You do need to book your transfer from the airport to the hotel before you arrive however, if you are travelling independently.
13Must we undergo a PCR test prior to departing Sri Lanka?
This depends on; boarding requirements of your airline, your transit country (if applicable) and final destination. You may need to produce a PCR test report before embarkation, hence you are advised to check with relevant authorities well before arriving for your flight home.
14Do we need to wear masks at the hotel?
Not unless you wish to, but we ask for your sensitivity towards those who do choose to and our team, whose members have frequent guests contact and meet others outside the hotel bubble, and whom are obliged to by tourism protocols.
15What precautions are the hotel taking?
Precautions over and above the norm are observed back and (discreetly) front of house. Immediately noticeable are typical protocols you will have observed in your own country. We wear face masks and items of PPE relevant to role, and have very clean hands!

Safety is always paramount at this hotel and, we try to approach the current challenges sensitively using common sense. Guests and members of our team must feel safe and be safe, but we must also be happy and fulfilled. We’re trying to survive by living and working around the blight of Covid-19 through being informed, smart and considerate.

When we meet you we’ll explain what that means and show you around our safer space.