Festive Season 2020

On 25th December / 31st January each year, our little corner of paradise becomes more sociable, eclectic and joyful than ever. A slower pace, celebrating with others – minus the stress, over excess and obligatory disco – is what Buckingham Place is all about on these special days. We do of course know how to enjoy ourselves and are known for it, so early reservation is recommended.

Christmas Day…

On 25th December, around 40 sociable souls will share our version of Christmas – a magical day that for 10 seasons has been more akin to a happy family get-together than a real one! Be ready for a beautiful, utterly shameless self-indulgent day.

Hints of a bygone Christmas elsewhere begin with breakfast on your verandah. The day is then yours to spend as you choose. Join us for mince pies and sherry at the pool perhaps? Or take off to the beach, it is entirely up to you – until we call you to the table at 3pm… Regular menus will be set aside for an extra-scrumptious Christmas feast – one of a kind!

A US$95 per-person Christmas/peak-season supplement reflects not only our second busiest day of the year but includes everything we serve throughout – from breakfast onwards. Welcome drinks, canapés and snacks, plus your own share of our Christmas feast. Additional alcohol beverages (and corkage) are charged at normal tariffs.

New Year’s Eve…

As you’d expect you’ll want for nothing – we’ll keep you well-fed from our kitchen grills. To see out the old and welcome the new we’ll join together for a happy and quite fabulous feast. We’ll be entertained by traditional musicians and dancers too until midnight. Then, it’s up to you… we’ll stay up late if you want us to?

A $95 per-person New Year’s Eve/peak-season supplement reflects this being our busiest day of the year. It includes everything we serve from 8pm onwards, such as welcome cocktails and canapés. Additional alcohol beverages (and corkage) are charged at normal tariffs.

Important please note: Christmas Day (25th) / New Years’ Eve (31st) per-person supplements are charged irrespective of your participation or level of consumption and are levied automatically. Specific orders of Champagne, wine, beer or spirits are charged at normal tariffs.

Sorry… no arrivals/departures 25th & 31st December or 1st January.