7 years ago, we replaced plastic water bottles in our bedrooms with refillable bottles. 1 year ago, we swapped plastic drinking straws for reusable metal ones. Both initiatives were remarkably easy to implement. Several back-of-house measures have also been introduced over the years, but we believe we can and must do much more now. Unintentionally we pollute this island and our planet with plastic and polythene waste – as does almost every other hotel. I’m happy to announce however, we’ve embarked on a journey to stop doing so. Better late than never?

The first leg of our journey is to PHASE OUT 75% (OR MORE) – THE PURCHASE & USE OF ALL PLASTIC & POLYTHENE ITEMS THAT CANNOT BE USED FOR 6 MONTHS OR LONGER – BY JANUARY 2019. When we achieve this milestone we will share what we’ve learnt and evaluate how much further we can go.

Early progress… As a result of team discussions, a simple self-audit, and, a modest financial commitment, many solutions are already being implemented or are about to be. Do bananas really need polythene bags? Can’t we go shopping and meet suppliers at the gate with our own recycled fabric bags or a cardboard box? Suppliers are becoming aware too, that from 1st January 2019 we will favour first, those who ‘go with the programme’ or do their best to.

As we start out, we’ll forgive our own oversights and genuine mistakes, and try to have fun while saving the planet. We’re not the first to embark on such a journey nor claim we know our way, but surely we can all help to keep this island beautiful, protect its wildlife, and equally important, help safeguard its oceans and fragile food chain?

Please help by sharing YOUR ideas and passion for them. Tell us but forgive us too when we’ve overlooked something or can’t resolve an issue immediately. Take your plastic and polythene home if possible and at your next hotel, please spread the good word. We will. When we’ve eliminated 75% of all plastic and polythene items we’d become so blindly reliant on we’ll share what we’ve learnt – industry-wide if we can. Special thanks from all of us for reading this, I truly hope you enjoy being here…