For a small hotel we’re big on extras. Our 16 bedrooms and suites are complimented with grassy tropical and beach gardens that include not one, but two pools, lounging and recreational spaces. Tell us where you want to be and we’ll set up your own little corner of Paradise.


Rekawa Beach is breathtakingly wild, beautiful and largely deserted, and although sea bathing is not advised in front of the hotel, a nearby rock pool (15 min walk) and much safer beaches can usually be accessed on foot. Guests frequently tell us our beach is the most spectacular they’ve ever experienced – we hope you enjoy it too!


In addition to our main 33m infinity pool within the Oceanfront facility, we offer a second, more intimate pool for couples or small groups.

The main pool extends into our cocktail bar with pool seats to immerse in cool waters while you throw back your favourite concoction!


From wooden floorboards to grassy beds, our pool sun deck extends out from the Oceanfront restaurant and is the idyllic place for a table under the stars.

Spilling over each end of the pool into grassed garden, from every conceivable spot the panorama is sheer breathtaking. Read a book, enjoy a snack and work on that perfect tan while you’re at it.


This novel feature springs to life on special occasions, providing an intimate venue for traditional performers and likewise, for those talented guests who might just be staying with us.

During other times, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a cuppa or chilled beer and a book. Music lovers are welcomed at Buckingham Place! The piano at Oceanfront and guitar in the snooker room are yours to use. Our spontaneous hotel has been host to several impromptu performances, often by world class musicians and singers who happen to be here on holiday.

If you are especially talented please let us know, if you would like to perform for us all that is!

Mr. Steve Ross @ Buckingham Place!


Our elevated premises extend into a lower beach garden with sun loungers and beach volleyball area, right next to the ocean.

Surrounded by mangroves and coconut trees this private garden is a great place to enjoy the day or let off steam!


Our extensive gardens transform into makeshift outdoor lounges on request.

Pick your perfect spot under the shade of a big old tree or right under the sun and we’ll create a beanbag and cane lounge in moments.


A mezzanine level overlooks our Oceanfront restaurant and features comfortable lounging space to spend those in-between times.

Whether for a mid-morning snack or pre-dinner canapé sink into one of our vibrant couches to let the tropical breeze and vistas make your day.


In addition to our two swimming pools and nature garden, the hotel features separate quiet areas including an air-conditioned snooker/pool room and soft lounge. And, there’s something for everyone! From books and classic board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly, to packs of playing cards and volleyball!